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  • Summer Adventures:

    Hey Families! It’s summer time again, and this year, we’re encouraging everybody to get out there and make the most of all that beautiful sunshine! Summer time is your time to stock up on Vitamin D, and get motivated so you can stay in shape and sane for the long winter months. We know that summer is the one season when the whole family can have a bit more free time, so let’s all get going and have an adventure!

    Here’s a few ideas for some active family adventures that’ll get the whole family feeling fit!

    Biking: Chances are, you and your family members all have bikes. Bikes are just one of those things we all have, like an extra sock or a pen without a cap. Biking is one of our favorite active adventures to go on as a family, because it’s easy for every biker to adapt to their own level. You can switch gears to make things easier for little kids, or crank it up to challenge your teens. We also love biking with kids because you can cover lots of ground. It’s super satisfying to look back on the route you’ve covered and celebrate together after a hard day’s ride. Plus, biking allows you to have an active adventure around a city, on the coast, or absolutely anywhere. You’re not confined to traditional “outdoor” or “adventure” zones! It’s great cardio, easy on the joints, and easy to build into your routine in the spring and fall.

    Hiking: If you’re looking for something that’ll test your family, and give everyone a real experience to remember, think about planning a hiking adventure. There are trails all over the country, whether it’s the Appalachian Trail or the Long Trail. You can plan to stay in hotels, or camp out in the cabins along your route. Hiking is a great opportunity to have those problem-solving moments as a family, and have plenty of chances to teach valuable survival skills, like building a fire or making sure water is safe to drink. Start from a trailhead near home, or pack the car, drive to another trail, and plan a round trip for a weekend or two weeks! Nothing says family bonding time like a week in the wilderness! Just make sure everyone’s on board.

    Kayaking: Love the water? Well, there’s no time like the summer to hit your local lake or river. Or, plan a trip to visit an aquatic destination! Kayaks are great because they’re much easier to paddle than canoes. They’re lighter, more agile, and everybody in the family gets to have a personal boat that fits their size and style! Kayaks are super easy to rent these days-you’ll find someone with a rental service near pretty much every waterway. If you’re looking to buy your own kayaks, we heartily cheer you on! Kayaks are super sturdy and will last you for years. If you’re not sure where to start looking, check out bestkayaks.reviews now, and learn which products are best for you. You can find some excellent tips on kayak technique HERE .

    Go Worldwide: One of the latest, coolest travel trends is family adventure holidays. Organizations like National Geographic sponsor guided trips to all sorts of neat locations, like the Galapagos Islands, or the Great Wall of China. These trips are a bit more expensive than planning your own adventure, but they can also be amazingly rewarding. You’ll get to see exotic places, meet some truly astounding wildlife, and spend time with experts who’ll teach the whole family something. There’ve been plenty of studies which show that families who learn together produce much more healthy, curious individuals who are keen on learning their whole life. So, if your kids have exotic interests, we suggest taking them on the road to find out more!